Creative Automation

As we explore the archive we will find some of our habits become tedious. We seek little things that speed our work without prescribing in too much detail how we will do it.

# Search

Proof of concept: We notice that search results do not have CORS headers so we figure we will proxy these requests eventually. For now we saved files after querying from the browser.

Lake County was an advanced search, 100 max images, saved as html.

Ashland Oregon was a regular search with &fm=json to retrieve the more easily parsed text output.


We wrote two test programs to read these files and render selected parts in a flex layout. Click to run.


Remote image

When we render the desired image file, as opposed to a thumbnail, then drag and drop onto a factory get all the benefit of Image source references.

Good technique is to copy paste a caption into the factory, type cmnd-m to retrieve the factory menu, then drag the image to complete the post. This leaves no unwanted copies of the image in the Journal.

# Data

Robert will collect data in a spreadsheet which we download as csv and drag to a factory here. google